michael Berren  Art 


 paintings  with  a  focus  on  iconic  images  of  arizona  and  new mexico   

My art is the primary focus of this website.

This particular page, however, links to a  a book that I have written.  A book that is about recovery and making changes in your life.   And while anyone who is considering making a change can benefit, this easy to read, practical guide is meant primarily for individuals:

  • In recovery from a mental illness or addiction issue
  • With an eating disorder or any other self-destructive behavior 
  • With a health a related problem, where a lifestyle change would be helpful
  • Who are victims of any type of physical or emotional abuse


Click Here  for a FREE pdf copy of my new book.  And feel free to share the link with others. My goal is to get the book to end users free of charge.  So please read the Copyright statement on Page 1 of the book..